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Privacy Policy

This document sets out how SimplexWebs will deal with the information you provide us.

Customers are required to provide the following information, but not limited to

  • Full name
  • Full address and country of residence
  • Accurate contact telephone number
  • Valid email address

Use of Information

SimplexWebs will only use your information for its use. It will not be shared with third parties and users may select settings in the client area declaring they wish to not receive certain notifications such as Christmas and birthday cards.

The only possible sharing of your information will be with HMRC or other government agencies, which require evidence to show we are trading legally. If this is the case all clients involved will be notified of this.

We use cookies on this website to monitor your usage and engage you in instant chats. Cookies do not store personal information.

If we, in anyway change the way information is shared, or update our policies, all clients will be notified of such activity, before it takes place.

Privacy Concerns

If you wish for us to provide more information further to the information laid out on this page, then please submit a ticket to support@simplexwebs.com where our support team will filter the query to the correct people.