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About SimplexWebs

Since 2009 we’ve delivered premium web hosting solutions to a clientele now in the thousands. From a 2 man team, we’ve grown from operating a single virtual server to a profitable debt-free business employing a team of passionate individuals to keep things unrivalled.

   Web hosting that's a bit different

Unfortunately we’re in an industry that is highly saturated – full of inexperienced, oversold or unethical businesses. SimplexWebs is different. We focus on performance, customer support and the retention of our clientele. We don’t have big marketing or advertising budgets; instead we re-invest in our network and ensure we always have the team to provide exceptional support. Word of mouth is how we’ve grown and we’re committed to providing a continued personal yet professional web hosting service.

   Prompt, personal 24x7 support

It’s not uncommon for our team to know about you and your website. By having a low customer to staff ratio, we can understand your needs and provide personal support with five-star ratings over and over again. Don’t be shocked if we remember how to support your website from a support ticket you submitted years ago – you’re not a number to us.

A few reasons why people choose us...

No Middleman

We own our brand new Dell servers and switches, located in our private rack space in Manchester, UK. We're also a RIPE NCC member meaning we own our IPv4 and IPv6 ranges.

Fantastic Support

When people think of SimplexWebs, they think of our unrivalled customer support. We have a team of awesome people available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week backed by our support SLA.

7 Day Guarantee

Most of our services include a 7 day money back guarantee. If you're really not happy, we'll provide a full refund (if we remember how - we rarely get asked for one :-)).


We've been here since 2009. We know how to run a successful business - most hosts disappear after a couple years of operating due to poor management. We're better than that.

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